Tip of the Week – 1st Tip

I am pleased to announce our Tip of the Week. Based upon our work with thousands of hiring managers and job seekers, I hope you will find this beneficial to your career.


In today’s continually shifting corporate environment, as a decision-maker it’s important to stay current in your field and keep up with changing trends. The best way to do this is to meet with people in your industry, as well as those that support and connect to it.

It’s from this pool of relationships, new and old, that a manager can scout new talent for a team, or replace employees who choose to move on.


For every $10 thousand you’d like to earn, it can take up to a month of search. Whether planning a lateral career move, a transition to the next level of the professional ladder, or finding your first job out of college, the band-width and quality of your network will make the difference in how long your search will take and how close your new position will match the job of your dreams.

In building a maintaining a professional network, relationships will always set you apart from your competition. Expand your professional network by joining industry specific organizations, as well as special interest groups.


Dianne Gubin