Job titles don’t always define the role.

You’ve decided to hire a new project manager. You are clear on what a project manager does on your team.

Can you articulate in 30 seconds or less what the position requires in both your department and your company?

What will the person you hire (for any position) be responsible for doing on a daily or weekly basis?

Can you define the job, your position, and your company in just a few sentences?


A hiring manager says, “Tell me about yourself.”

What’s your elevator speech? This means you have 30 seconds or less, which is about the time to travel between elevator floors.

Can you succinctly define your background and where you are going professionally?

Here’s an example:

“I’m a project manager for a major pharmaceutical company. My background includes extensive product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution experience in a fast growing corporation. I’ve managed both domestic and outsourced IT teams. I’d like my next position to be a director level in a global corporation.”



Do you need to update your skills?

  • What are the latest trends in your industry?
  • Is there a new technology that you should learn?
  • How can you get the skills you need if your company does not provide them?
  • What colleagues, organizations and resources (online or print) do you use to stay current in your field?

Staying current keeps your skill set sharp.


How are your skills better and more diversified than your competitors for the same job?

  • What are the expectations of the position?
  • Are your technical skills current?
  • Does your industry require updating for foreign language skills?
  • Is your appearance appropriate for the position?

Research both the company and department to which you are applying.

What are the current expectations of both the company and your industry?