In today’s job market candidates are juggling interviews with several companies and receiving multiple offers.

If you’re hiring, keep in mind that your competitors are looking at the same pool of candidates.  It’s prudent to quickly setup interviews, make a decision and extend a formal offer. Delay any part of this process and your candidate may get nervous and accept another offer.

If you’re interviewing, take a look at each potential situation.  Take the time to go through the process with recruiters and the primary company.  Be available and show your interest to everyone involved in the process.

Juggling multiple offers is a great situation.  It can get a bit sticky holding off the first offer until the second or third comes in.  If you are in this situation, it’s best to be upfront with all parties.  Multiple offers make you a hot commodity and may create a sense of urgency.

Until a formal letter or contract is extended, it’s OK to keep interviewing.  You are considered available until you sign a contract. Offers can fall through at the last minute.

Evaluate each situation based on:

  • Money
  • Location
  • Responsibilities
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Managers
  • Team members
  • How happy you feel you will be in the position.

Feel unsure about making the wrong decision?

New jobs are not always about the salary.  Go where you think you will be happiest, and where you can visualize yourself going to work every day.






Staff up, right size, downsize. Every day there are changes.

December is an awesome time to either hire for your team or take the time to look for a new job.

One of our clients has over 16,000 positions available across the country. This is one client and only one company. The possibilities are endless.

If your company requires multiple panel interview, perhaps there is an easier process. Consider input from the team; however, you might consider identifying one person who can make the ultimate hiring decision. Your company will become more empowered.

No one has a crystal ball on how a new employee will work out. If you hesitate to hire, try the contract-for-hire model. Start the candidate as a consultant and if it does work out for both parties, make an offer in the future.

We’re seeing candidates in IT, Engineering, and Accounting receiving multiple offers. Good candidates vanish quickly. If you’re hiring, make a quick decision and you’ll have a fresh team to start in January. Your projects will get done and ultimately, you’ll receive higher accolades.

Considering a career change? There are fewer people actively looking in December. Your resume will stand-out.

December creates new opportunities.