Recession Proofing Your Job

Stocks are down, the mortgage market crashed.  What are some of the ways you can protect your job in a turbulent economy?

  • Make yourself easy to work with.  Become even more of a team player.  Be low maintenance.
  • Act like you’re the owner.
  • Be known as an expert.
  • Become a super star employee.  Take on more when possible.
  • Take on a high profile project at the office.  Be visible and indispensable.
  • Cross train as much as possible, depending on your career level and goals.
  • Continue your education.
  • Expand your professional network through your company and industry.
  • Be proactive.  Keep your résumé updated.
  • Set up an emergency fund of three- to six- months living expenses.

Although the economy is out of everyone’s control, taking personal charge of your career path will keep you centered through the storms.


After the rain comes the sun.




What’s your personal competitive advantage?

We wonder how others become successful.  What’s the secret?


Whatever your career aspirations, chances are that someone has achieved similar success that you can emulate.


Learn from the best, study them, and you will become the best.


Major companies show videos of successful individuals and companies to their internal teams.  You too can watch your competition, monitor them, scan them, and then pass them.


Basketball player Michael Jordan would visualize playing the game, competing against his rivals, and winning the championship.  His competitive advantage was his mental ability to visualize his performance in a positive light.


You can do this, too.  It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, a crunch project, hiring a new employee or finding a new job.


Picture your success and make it an unrelenting focus.


Competitive intelligence means watching to see what your competitors are doing right.  Or wrong.


You have nothing to lose.  Set your goals and go for them.


Think that you can and you will.



Job Searches on the Internet = Big Black Hole


Is this your first time on the job market in years?  Has the Internet made it easier or more difficult to find your next position?

Candidates tell us of spending countless hours trolling through cyberspace searching through job boards, posting résumés online, and sending résumés to corporate job portals.  And they never hear a word.


Is there a better way?


Companies favor recruiting agencies that can identify qualified candidates.  Hiring managers and internal recruiters would like to avoid job boards and spending hours searching through the Internet too.


For those at income levels of $50,000 (or more) it’s not a good idea to send résumés scattershot through the job boards.  You may not be aware, but often, corporate contracts preclude a recruiting agency from representing you if you’re already in a company’s database.  The hiring company may not have enough internal resources to find you in their database; however, you will still be registered as an applicant.


Recruiting agencies, like Tech Exec Partners, are often retained to handle searches that can be also posted on the major job boards by primary companies.  The difference is that Tech Exec Partners is an advocate between you and the employer.  For direct hire positions, we send your résumé directly to a hiring manager as well as human resources.  We follow-up and negotiate on your behalf.


The best way to start a new relationship is to look at a recruiter’s website.  Find a position that matches your skills and background.  If you tailor your résumé to any job posted, guaranteed, you will get a call.


Another direction is to find someone in your extended professional network who works at the company in which you’re interested.  Have this person refer your résumé directly to the hiring manager.


Establishing long-term relationships with recruiters in your industry can only benefit your career.


Representation will make all the difference in your search.





Super Star Employees

A Harvard Business Review study of Super Star performers in the workplace found that “growing super stars is better than buying one.”  The study discusses a top stockbroker who was recruited into a new firm.  Ultimately, the broker was unable to achieve the same success in his new firm as the team and infrastructure of the first company were what led to his success.


Super stars learn their jobs and then take on more.  Recognition results from high-quality performance.  Super stars own their position in the organization.


When hiring top talent, seek those who have solid qualifications and a track record of success in prior firms.  Given the time and opportunity, chances are new employees will outperform for you, too.


Look for people with integrity.  Seek out those who are loyal, dependable, trustworthy and hard working.


You will build a successful team.