Rewarding the Suggestion Box

In today’s economic environment, keeping costs low is one of the keys to corporate survival and growth.


Giving team members an opportunity to contribute cost saving ideas on a regular basis can make a significant difference to the bottom line.


For example, an electronics company asked its employees to help cut expenses from the upcoming budget.  The director called a meeting and told his employees that choices included a pay cut across the board, reduced hours with the same amount of work output, or firing a team member.


The employees rallied together to find more cost effective ways of handling daily work flow.  Managers looked at their department budgets and spoke to their teams. The resulting cost savings to the annual budget meant that business could continue as usual, with no noticeable impact to their clients.


A “Suggestion Box” is a valuable tool which costs nothing, boosts morale and can provide outstanding ideas of ways to save money.


A gift certificate can be awarded to the idea of the week or month.


January is an excellent time to refocus and regroup with your teams.


Let’s Keep America Working! ™




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