Why We Are in This Mess




To some, the new economy is much like musical chairs with fewer jobs available.

The government stimulus is being announced shortly and everyone hopes the trickle down will get the economy back on track.


America is sliding into skid row.  There are many reasons we’re in this mess, a major one being the dearth of manufacturing in the United States.


A major U.S. utility company is spending $5 BILLION in Brazil to purchase equipment necessary to be “green.”  The information was shared confidentially, thus there’s no attribution.  Our country does not currently produce the needed equipment and the utility had no choice but to reach out to another country.  Can you imagine what the $5 billion could do for our economy if spent locally?

Tech Exec Partners, through our Let’s Keep America Working! program, is taking a lead on the solution. We are partnering with Capital InVentures and the On Point Group to produce the U.S. Economic Renaissance Conference in New York at the beginning of June 2009.


The conference will assemble a stellar group of American thinkers, planners and government leaders in the discussion and implementation of the return of manufacturing and the economic recovery of the United States.

We invite you to be part of the solution too. When you can, buy local.  Ask for and buy American. Let’s keep our neighbors working.

Let’s Keep

America Working! ™





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Building the Extraordinary Company



The key to thriving in today’s economy is to provide an environment where ordinary people have the opportunity to do extraordinary things.


This type of environment can be created, no matter how large or small your company or department.  A starting point is setting a strategic direction that flows down from top management with buy-in from all and one in which the employee is empowered to take responsibility.


For example, if you bought a dress from Nordstrom to wear to an event that evening and the salesperson forgot to remove the security tag, you know that Nordstrom would come to your home to remove the tag.

It all comes down to walking your walk. The more your company is congruent with your stated strategic objective, the better your firm will be perceived.


The hallmark of a successful company is one in which team members share a passion toward a common goal. If a fitness facility has a marketing program touting wellness, then offering donuts in the waiting area would be incongruent.  An example of alignment could be a pharmaceutical company which prominently displays pictures of cured patients on the walls, the purpose being to remind the entire organization that their goal is to save lives.


Regular meetings to review strategic goals, objectives, and deliverables keep everyone on target.

Every team member is important when it comes to implementing a vision.


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Alternatives to Reducing Your Work Force

The good news is that companies are still hiring.  Even in today’s economy, there is a natural attrition as people retire, relocate, or take leaves of absence.

Unfortunately many companies are still cutting back or considering downsizing.  Letting good people go should be the last option.

Here are some alternatives to consider before reducing your work force.

  • Ask employees for ideas on how to cut expenses
  • Cut nonessential travel
  • Freeze hiring
  • Freeze wage increases
  • Offer a leave without pay
  • Eliminate bonuses
  • Reduce employee benefits
  • Ask for voluntary layoffs
  • Reduce hours for part-time or hourly employees
  • Eliminate or restrict overtime
  • Mandate use of vacation time
  • Retrain employees for open positions
  • Provide an incentive for early retirement

If you do need to end an employee relationship, try to do so with dignity.  Consider that you are taking away someone’s job and livelihood in an economy where finding a new position is not easy.  Consider providing a severance package and paying for COBRA.

Let’s do what we can to keep people employed.

Let’s Keep America Working! ™




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