Holiday Networking!

For every $10 thousand you’d like to earn, it can take up to a month of search. Whether planning a lateral career move, a transition to the next level of the professional ladder, or finding your first job out of college, the band-width and quality of your network will make the difference in how long your search will take and how close your new position will match the job of your dreams.


In building a maintaining a professional network, relationships will always set you apart from your competition. Expand your professional network by joining industry specific organizations, as well as special interest groups.
The holidays are an outstanding time to connect with friends and potential employers.  There are holiday events in every industry.   Allow the  luck factor of being in the right place at the right time.

Show up and enjoy!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Office


The holidays create expectations and obligations.  We gift as a way to say thank you.

Within your office here are five tips to ease professional holiday gifts and stay within a budget.


  1. Recognize all holidays of the season including Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.
  2. Make sure no one is left out.  Create a department or office-wide gift exchange.
  3. Set a monetary cap on internal gift giving.
  4. Avoid alcohol and anything that could be offensive or suggestive.  Keep it simple and G rated.  Consider gift certificates.
  5. Consider supporting a charitable organization (or two) as a team.

Set the tone for the New Year.  Holidays are a great time to get to know your colleagues and managers in a personal way.


Holidays are a great time to bond and boost morale.