Organizing for a Job Search



It’s prudent to keep a “Career Spreadsheet” in Excel or another software program.


  • Dates you upload your résumé and refresh to on-line job boards
  • Dates you send your résumé to recruiters
  • Dates and feedback from all phone and in-person interviews
  • Dates you directly apply to companies via corporate HR Web sites
  • Contacts you have met through networking events

Keep track of all dates.  When you submit your résumé directly to a corporate database, there may be a period of time which must pass before you can be represented by an outside recruiter.

Be sure to keep your job search documentation in one place.

Holiday Networking Events

December is the best month of the year to network. There are holiday networking events in every city.   To find local events check the on-line calendars for your industry and you’ll find that you can easily be out almost every night for the next few weeks.

Holiday networking events are a great way to show up and see familiar faces as December tends to draw out old friends.   If you’re not comfortable going to an event by yourself, invite a friend. This will make it much easier to meet new people as you and your friend can make introductions to each other.

Bring business cards and set your intention.  Are you at the event to:

  • Connect with old friends?
  • Meet new people?
  • Connect with potential employers?
  • Connect with new business opportunities?

Just know that you will always meet the right person.

It’s easy to return home and have a fistful of business cards. Choose a few people that you feel connected with and start the process of staying in touch – emails, an invitation to lunch or coffee, or forwarding something of interest.

Uncomfortable networking?  Check out “PowerLadder – Network Your Way to Career Success”  by Dianne Gubin and JoAnn Ashman available on Amazon.  We demystify networking and help you forge ahead in your career.

Happy Networking! Happy Holidays!

Let’s Keep America Working! ™


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Be Visible

It can feel easier to follow the norm than to initiate change.  What happens when you innovate from within?  Does your company encourage expansion?

It’s more fun to think outside of the box.  This means looking for opportunities to expand within your career and industry.  These opportunities are for everyone and don’t necessarily need to take a great deal of time and focus. While your competition is doing things the same way as always, what would happen if you personally took a risk?


For example, you say that networking is not your thing.  (I know how few of you in major corporations actually get out on a regular basis!)  What would happen if you not only joined a networking group, but became part of a committee? What if within your new committee, you took a leadership role on a subcommittee you help to form?

The result would be getting to know others outside of your own company and collaborating on projects of interest to you within your professional community.

Following this example, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by expanding your role within either your current company or industry.  By taking on more and achieving visibility, your entire world expands.


Follow your passion.  Take action.  Your career will expand while you work for a bigger cause.