Ever wonder why some people always win? Do you want to become a better negotiator?

Whether it’s for a salary, a new car or where to go for dinner, negotiation is part of our everyday life.

The best negotiations are based on win-win situations where solutions are acceptable to both sides. Your style can be competitive or cooperative, ignore or accept, love or reject, be controlling or permissive. Negotiations may be crippled by fear, procrastination and/or lack strategy.

Whatever your style, the key to successful negotiation is:

  • Knowing what you are willing to trade
  • Knowing what your bottom line is before you walk

Sometimes you may be in a situation that does not seem like a win-win. For example, when a company is downsizing, the company seems to hold the upper hand.

You may perceive the company to hold the power, however, being clear on your personal goals and expecting a positive outcome can help you determine your best strategy. Tapping into relationships can influence a positive outcome.

It is necessary to question who has the power in the relationship and possible consequences for both sides.

Win-win negotiation is a skill. You can become a better negotiator if you read books on negotiation and practice in small situations where the stakes are not high.


To your career success!




Ready for the next step in your career?

The best way to be known as a super star in your organization is to assume more responsibility.

This is best done once you have mastered your current position.

Communicate your interest and intention to your managers. No on can read your mind and know your desire for future advancement.

Look at the workload of your direct manager. Are there any projects that you can take on? By taking over your manager’s work, you free your manager to move on to more strategic projects.

By assuming more responsibility and extra work, you gain confidence in your ability to take on challenges and continue to prove your worth and interest in the organization.

In small steps you naturally grow into the next position.

To your career success!




On top of it all...


Tip of the Week

For many, the hiring decision is a tough process. When more people are involved, the candidate is less likely to get hired.
Why? Because everyone has an opinion and many firms take the stance that it’s better not to hire anyone than to hire someone who may not work out, or could even remotely  be perceived as a bad choice. While this is admirable in theory, in reality, stalling hiring decisions means that work piles up and nothing gets done.
If you are waiting until the end of a budget to “use up” your available funds, you’re cramming decision making into a smaller cycle.
Hiring decisions should not be put to a committee. While this may sound contradictory to an “inclusive” work environment where everyone has a say in the process, the reality is that business does not need to be a democracy. It’s OK for the leader to make a decision that will impact the team.
Hiring only through a committee or panel interview can result in the loss of an opportunity for both the hiring manager and the candidate for one-on-one bonding.
No matter what, a new person joining a firm or team will result in an energy shift. The best way to  handle a new hire is to agree on concrete 30-,60-, and/or 90-day goals, objectives, and deliverables to ensure mutual satisfaction.
Instead of hiring by committee, hire the right person with the skill set and personality to do the job.
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